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Product that are uniquely their reservoirs which is made of stronger steel fiber materials.

The company produces various types of reservoirs suitable for all purposes in various forms of reservoirs and reservoir varies form and processed materials which depending on the purpose of use, each dedicated to keeping drinking water or storage of chemicals or fire water storage.

This product is characterized by the following:

  • Padded inner surface a private white Algelkot layer save drinking water with smooth surface for easy cleaning.
  • Size starts from 1 mm 3 to 40 m 3.
  • Sticky cover the body of the tank-tight manner with non-materials steel, chain to protect it from loss.
  • Reservoir mailbox provider of private fiberglass protection of electrical buoy.
  • Plastic pipe provider reservoir private float pump wires.
  • No way out the top of the tank for Vaaz, in the case of high water at the maximum allowable, and the entrance to feed the tank and the bottom of the bottom of the tank outlet to ensure easy cleaning.
  • Slots are fitted tank factory according to the needs of each client.
  • Special places legs to install tank concrete base.
  • Manufacture cabinets sizes and materials especially for different purposes.
  • High strength and durability for heavy-duty purposes.
  • Non-rusting or corrosion which distinguishes it sharply from the metal Grating.
  • High resistance to chemicals, acids and gases from sewage plants.
  • High resistance to erosion and UV.
  • Resistant to ignition and fire and conform to international standards.
  • Lightweight, making it easy to lift and installation, as well as easy maintenance.
  • Conducts electricity and slip resistant.
  • Can be produced in any color according to the client. Made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Made ​​of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Is vulnerable to theft because the materials used in the manufacture of Disposable again.

We offer a lot of colors and surface to choose what is suitable.