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grating are made ​​of fiberglass

grating are made ​​of fiberglass

Is strollers are made of glass fiber (fiberglass) of the strongest fiber glass, which resists the highest degree of tensile strength and also bear the extreme loads, added the most powerful chemicals that invented and manufactured specifically to interact and increase the strength of this fiber and give shape to be manufactured from polyester, vinyl ester and phenolic رزن so We have our own material of the best and strongest materials manufacturers, which compete with iron and stainless steel in the price and weight maintenance and so the final product features the following:

  • Strength and lightness weight compared grating a made of iron and stainless steel.
  • Ease of cutting and installation.
  • Slip resistance.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Is vulnerable to theft where recycled again.
  • Available in different colors.

Types of grating we have:

  • Grating pour
  • Grating withdrawn
  • Grating Charqed Plate


In food factories streams, water plants, sewage and electricity companies, paper mills and oil companies, textile mills and chemical plants.

  • High strength and durability for heavy-duty purposes.
  • Non-rusting or corrosion which distinguishes it sharply from the metal Grating.
  • High resistance to chemicals, acids and gases from sewage plants.
  • High resistance to erosion and UV.
  • Resistant to ignition and fire and conform to international standards.
  • Lightweight, making it easy to lift and installation, as well as easy maintenance.
  • Conducts electricity and slip resistant.
  • Can be produced in any color according to the client. Made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Made ​​of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Is vulnerable to theft because the materials used in the manufacture of Disposable again.

We offer a lot of colors and surface to choose what is suitable.