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Corresponding Covers, Manholes, Rain Strainers

Corresponding Covers

The corresponding covers (manholes and electricity) are manufactured in accordance with international standards and Egyptian standard specifications, one of the Egyptian Company for Advanced Industries production.

The Covers are of particular Sizes for tanks ducts cable manufacturing. Covers manufacturers have passed all chemical and mechanical tests and research centers accredited, our covers has passed all the necessary mechanical and chemical tests.

Nilefiberglass company Succeeded in the provision of products covers the Egyptian market can match the level of quality imported from abroadbut also the covers to be outdone. Covers loads and sizes are available, according to the following:

  • Circular covers diameter 60 cm - load 25 tons & 40 tons.
  • Circular covers diameter 76 cm - load 25 tons & 40 tons.
  • Square covers dimension 60 * 60 cm - load 12.5 tons & 25 tons.
  • Special sizes according to the client.
  • High strength and durability for heavy-duty purposes.
  • Non-rusting or corrosion which distinguishes it sharply from the metal Grating.
  • High resistance to chemicals, acids and gases from sewage plants.
  • High resistance to erosion and UV.
  • Resistant to ignition and fire and conform to international standards.
  • Lightweight, making it easy to lift and installation, as well as easy maintenance.
  • Conducts electricity and slip resistant.
  • Can be produced in any color according to the client. Made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Made ​​of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Is vulnerable to theft because the materials used in the manufacture of Disposable again.

We offer a lot of colors and surface to choose what is suitable.