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Nile Fiberglass Industry

Nile Fiberglass Industry has the honor which offers you an overview brief them as follows:

  • Experience in the field of fiberglass over 6 years.
  • A group of consultants, engineers and talented professionals in the field at high efficiency.
  • We are an Egyptian company as well as for the use of foreign expertise from Turkey and China.
  • Our technical department at the highest level for the manufacture of all fiberglass products.
  • All raw materials used in manufacturing we are importing from abroad.
  • use in manufacturing injection technology to ensure the exit of the highest quality product, lighter weight and strength of not less than 5 times higher than in any other company.

Our Factory

Characterized Nile Fiberglass Industry possess high-level factory for the manufacture of fiberglass highest levels of quality and using the latest Alajhz and equipment needed in the manufacturing with the use of the finest and the best raw materials.
The company features a Nile first factory for the manufacture of fiberglass in Egypt.


About fiberglass Fiberglass industry is a fledgling industry in Arab countries and fiberglass used in various fields and fiberglass industry depends on infusing the canvas with special fiberglass Aratnecat especially given the severity or solid material with high mechanical properties closer to the properties of steel.
The advantages of fiberglass: intolerable to weather factors of natural heat and cold and tremors and earthquakes and the length-of-life and light weight compared strongly endurance, to Aaousel electricity and has no wicker magnetic, and does not require maintenance or stainless (Eoffreddhan) does not help the growth of bacteria and rectifier Chemicals does not need the number of private for installation.